Meet Our Guides

Max Beck

Owner/Head Guide

Max is our head guide at Due South, averaging over 200 on the water each year. His favorite thing to do is chasing picky tailwater trout on flies he tied the night before. Max really values teaching beginners as well as seasoned anglers. 


Travis Neal

Float Guide

Travis grew up fishing farm ponds and lakes in Greensboro NC, however fly fishing came very easy to him. He specializes in tailwater fishing but is never against stalking wild trout in our NC creeks. If you fish with Travis you'll be hard pressed to find a fishier guide.


Austin Vogel

Float Guide

Austin and Max started out in this industry together, at the same exact time. They have spent countless days learning the rivers together. Over the years Austin has developed a very unique skill set. He is wonderful at teaching beginners and can also fish some of the most technical waters with ease.

Karson Decker

Local Guide

Karson is a native of Boone, NC. His local knowledge of everything involving fishing in the High Country is not something that could ever be taught. Rather, only learned through years of experience and countless hours of exploration in the Boone area.


Drayton Moore

Float & Local Guide

Euro Nymphing Specialist

**Ask about our Euro Nymph trips**

Drayton is the swiss army knife of Due South. Whether you want to explore local creeks, stalk elusive tailwater trout or learn to euro nymph, he is your guy. His work ethic will become evident when he gives everything he has to ensure that his guests have a great day.

Shane Hines

Local Guide

The class clown. The work mule. The person you can always rely on. Shane, like all of out guides, has a work ethic like no other. He has spent countless hours exploring not only in Boone, but in Western NC as a whole.


Nick Wittek

Local Guide

Nick is a true local fishing expert. I promise you one thing, there is not one stream in the High Country that his boots have not walked. If you get the chance to fish with Nick you will notice his attention to detail and exorbitant knowledge of our local fisheries.

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