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Aftco & Arc

March 22, 2018

A large part of why we opened the Due South storefront was to provide anglers with everything they need, without having to sift through mountains of unnecessary equipment or accessories. Anyone who has walked into a fly shop knows it easy to blow a whole paycheck, yet wind up with equipment that might not be the best choice for the area you are fishing. Everything we bring into the store has been analyzed, tested, and reviewed to give you the top performance equipment that is specific to the local streams and rivers. 




Guide Shirts

Aftco provides a couple different shirt options that are perfect when you're spending all day on the river during the summer. Our top three choices include button ups, long sleeve dry-fit shirts, and sun-protection hoodies. All three of these are made with a breathable, moisture wicking material that offers sun protection without the hot layers or sunscreen. Several of the shirt options also have integrated sunglass cleaning patches, all of these feature rich shirts come at costs that don't break the bank.  


Shorts and Pants

 While summers in Boone are a comfortable sunny and 70, it can be pretty hot on the river. Our guides often spend 12+ hours a day on the water and needed breathable, stain resistant performance shorts and pants that would stand the test of guide season. The Aftco fishing shorts and pants received the stamp of approval from our guide fleet. They are perfect for floating the Watauga or blue lining in the Appalachian Mountains. Some of the features that we like about the Aftco shorts include the built in plier pocket, which is perfect for crimping pliers, and also the thicker, quick dry material. Many quick dry shorts and pants feel as if you're wearing a non-protective bathing suit- not so with the Aftco fishing shorts and pants- briars stand no chance against them- trust us, your legs will thank you for them. 

ARC Lines and Tippets:


Arc 99

The brand has developed a new technology called "ZNG", that "makes ARC 99 one of the longest casting, highest floating, and easiest mending fly lines on the market today". The Arc family of  lines is super high floating, and has built in compression zones that offer unparalleled durability.  Arc lines are also one of the only companies that offers a polyurethane line instead of conventional PVC line- this aids in durability and prevents line cracks and line sinkage. Arc is a great alternative when other fly lines aren't doing the trick.



Arc 99+

The 99+ line is designed for fast action fly rods with a half line size heavier model and a condensed taper than most standard fly lines. This line setup loads a fast action rod quicker, to allow for more accurate casts. The 99+ is made with the same "ZNG" technology as the 99 allowing it for long casts and easy mending. 



While ARC carries some great leader options the one we have found to work best in the Boone area is the ARC 99 tapered leader. This leader comes in a 3-pack with 4x, 5x, and 6x tippet options. The above sizes come in a 7.5ft, 9ft, and 12ft lengths to allow you to choose the best leader for your situation.




 The "Camo Multi-Color Nylon" tippet comes in 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and 7x sizes. It boasts a multicolored line that provides the strength of normal tippet while reducing light transmission and blending perfectly into the riverbed environment making the tippet invisible. A great option if your old go-to tippet isn't doing the trick. 



The Fluorocarbon Coated Nylon comes in 3x, 4x, 5x, and 7x sizes. A different approach to fluoro fishing, this tippet has the strength of nylon paired with the low visibility of fluorocarbon, which helps to maintain 100% of its strength in water.




Our goal this season is to make all of our merchandise available through our online store so that even if you love fishing in the mountains, but live in a different area, you are stocked and ready to go as soon as you hit high country waters.

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